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The online journal Sovremennye issledovaniya sotsialnykh problem (SISP) = Modern Research of Social Problems is recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission of Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation and is included in the List of the leading reviewed scientific journals and publications, where the fundamental results of doctoral and candidate’s theses should be published; indexed in EBSCO as well as Russian Science Citation Index.

Publishing House "Science and Innovation Center" (Krasnoyarsk, Russia) issues the periodical Modern Research of Social Problems, where they publish articles and short information about sociologic research and experimental results in the economic, pedagogical, social, political and religious spheres of public life in Russia and abroad. Each published article is reviewed.

The journal items:

  • Pedagogy.
  • Psychology.
  • Sociology.

Aims & scope

The online journal Modern Research of Social Problems is a fully peer-reviewed Russian monthly welcoming original articles which advance theoretical understanding and empirical research in all areas of sociology. It aims to promote dialogue and exchange between Russian sociologists and international sociological community. 

All articles submitted to the Journal are anonymously refereed (manuscripts are reviewed by members of the Editorial Board; manuscripts are peer-reviewed by leading specialists in a corresponding field). This ensures the world class quality of the journal and maintains the continuity of sociological debate.

Meanwhile in the present conditions of certain information disparity and insufficient financing of research activities we quite often witness situations when interesting research or findings become known only in a narrow professional circle, and their results appear in departmental publications whose circulation is limited. This is especially true about research done on a regional scale.

Modern Research of Social Problems acts as a link that allows not only keep in pace with most interesting sociology findings, but also discuss them and obtain necessary statistical data on Russia as a whole and on separate Federal Districts, learn about new regional publications as well as about most interesting dissertation thesis, conferences and workshops.

Certainly there is a number of similar Russian periodicals that have comparable goals but they are all published in Central Russia. Modern Research of Social Problems does not limit its interests to the huge territory, but it is nevertheless oriented on giving provincial authors an opportunity to publish the results of their research provided that they are original and really innovative. The Editorial Board is comprised of most authoritative researchers that represent the interests of their regions.

We genuinely hope that Modern Research of Social Problems is only at the beginning of its long and fruitful road and that it will contribute to the development of sociology.

Submissions to Modern Research of Social Problems must follow the journal’s Style Guide, including formatting, length and references. Poorly written or structured papers will be promptly returned to the authors.

Editorial Policy

  • Articles submitted to the online journal Modern Research of Social Problems must have not been published previously elsewhere.
  • Articles submitted to the online journal Modern Research of Social Problems will be reviewed by the editors and external referees according to the highest academic standards. The journal is committed to speedy and efficient review. Each article is published online as soon as it is ready for publication. 
  • Articles submitted to the online journal Modern Research of Social Problems should only be submitted electronically, in Word or RTF format, through the website at the Members Area link. 
  • Figures or tables that have been published elsewhere must be identified.
  • All authors, members, referees, and editors must disclose any association that poses a conflict of interest in connection with the manuscript. Authors must acknowledge all funding sources supporting the work (at the end of the article).
  • The author is/are only person(s) who has/have contributed to the work described in the paper substantially.
  • Every submitted manuscript is reviewed by minimum two independent reviewers.
  • Name of the reviewers are not revealed in any case. An author never knows who reviewed his or her manuscript.
  • A review is always written, and it is not completely shown to the author (he or she can only receive a list of changes demanded and the final editor-in-chief's decision).
  • The paper sent to the online journal Modern Research of Social Problems must includes: full names of all authors, keywords and abstract, acknowledgements and information about financial support (if necessary).
  • All the articles in the journal will be published online in PDF, and once published, no further changes will be allowed. 

The Order According to which we Consider Articles for Publication

1. Articles are accepted according to the regular schedule.

2. An article is accepted to the consideration provided that the author has carefully followed the guidelines for submission (i.e. the article has required formatting and all accompanying documents).

3. The editorial board consider submitted articles for a month.

4. The editorial board have the right to send articles to supplementary reviewing.

5. The editorial board have the right to reject the articles that do not meet the requirements or the themes of the journal.

6. The editorial board send a reasoned refusal to an author if his/her article was not accepted to be published.

7. The editorial board do not discuss their decisions with the authors whose articles were not accepted. Manuscripts are not sent back.

8. The editorial board inform the authors within 14 days that the articles were received. In a month after the articles were registered, the editors inform the authors about the results of reviewing and about the date of publication.

Journal information

Founder and publisher: Izdatelstvo Nauchno-innovatsionnogo tsentra = Publishing House "Science and Innovation Center"

Founded in 2009

Frequency: Monthly

Electronic publication registered by the Federal Service of Intercommunication and Mass Media Control.

Registration certificate EL № FS 77-39175 of March 17, 2010

Registered in the International Center ISSN – ISSN 2218-7405 (Online)

The Journal is registered in the Science and Technology Research Center «Informregistr». Registration Certificate № 0421100132 of October 14, 2010.

Information about the published articles is regularly submitted in the due form to the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).

Full text electronic version of “Modern Research of Social Problems” can be accessed from the website of Scientific Electronic Library.

RSCI impact-factor (2014) = 0,400

The Journal is included in the international databases of EBSCO, DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), Urlich’s periodicals directory (USA).

Copyright. All rights protected.

No part of the Journal materials can be reprinted without permission from the Editors.

Minimum system requirements:

  • Operating System – MS Windows XP, Windows 7
  • Browsers – Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome
  • Software – Acrobat Reader

Print publication registered by the Federal Supervision Service for Legislation in Mass Media and Culture Heritage Protection

Registration certificate PE № FS 77-39176 of March 17, 2010

Registered in the International Center ISSN – ISSN 2077-1770 (Print)

Every issue of the Journal is sent to Russian State Library, as well as to other leading libraries, educational and research institutions of the Russian Federation.

DOI prefix is: 10.12731

Since June 2013 Modern Research of Social Problems has been included in ResearchBib Journal Database. The ResearchBib Journal Database is the largest complete journal database available on the internet freely.